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    How often do you service your Apeks reg?

    Apeks UK website says inspection, change hp seat and filter, also full service on 2nd stage, annually. And then full service every 2 year.

    Apeks US says only inspection yearly, and full service every two years.

    Personally i don't see a problem with just inspection yearly, and full service every two year.
    - This doing around 100-150 dives a year.
    - Frequently rinsing your gear/proper storage, etc.
    - Very good air quality.
    - Not doing long deco dives.
    - Standard dir setup.

    Many factors and individual opinions here, but i wanna hear yours.

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    I don't service my regs at all. I buy them and use them for a while until I think they don't breath as well as they used to (Around 5 years) and then I sell them and buy new ones. This works for me as I use fairly cheap regs (Apeks ATX40's), If I used more expensive regs them this wouldn't work as well.

    I only do around 50 dives a year so not a lot of use, I do look after my stuff well though.

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    there are numerous pictures @ Apeks service lab (the one which is on Apeks factory site) with regs not services for 10-12+ years. Still working :-) Pictures were shown to us during factory guided tour ~ couple of years ago

    PS not saying that it's a right way to do it. Your life - your choice ...
    PS2 plenty of videos online how to service regs or to do basic repairs. Kits are available to buy online too



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