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Thread: Hi all!

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    Hi all!

    Hi there

    I suppose i'll start by telling you all a bit about myself, my names Barry I'm nearly 33 and have been diving since Feb this year and boy am i hooked, I am PADI AOW at the moment but joining my local BSAC next year to gain more skills and expierance before going for the DIR-F which i'd like to do late next year. I have been slowly building up my equipment, at present i dive with a DIR ZONE single cylinder wing with S/S backplate and one piece harness with 5' long hose and all the other hoses at the correct length, there is still a fare bit of kit i need to complete my setup but that will come when funds are more available.

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    Hi, and welcome. Are you in GB or in Oakland, California, as your profile suggests? If the latter, I would highly recommend getting into contact with BAUE. They are pretty active, and there are several instructors around as well.



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