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    GUE Sidemount Research

    Read in Quest that GUE has appointed instructors to research/develop this, there is also suggestions to include this in C2 training in future.

    Does anyone have more info? Or timeline?


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    Where did you read that? There are several reports in the last few quests by instructors and others who are using sidemount.

    I think the most likely path to sidemount will be after C2. From what I see, Cave 3 is basically non-existant; future development for C2 divers now includes DPV Cave and Cave Survey. It would seem that sidemount/nomount etc. would provide a natural progression here.

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    +1 to AMW

    that's one of the killers to the idea to standardise s/m ... :-)

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    Why do I get the feeling that GUE has discovered an untapped market, again, a few years too late?
    Wish them the very best, but those who show up late at a pig roast, end up getting sloppy seconds.




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