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    Halcyon Focus or L4M 4Tec

    Karl, a major difference is that the focus only has one led, which can help with the beam shape, and is also focussable. This can be very useful.

    I've seen the 4TEC in the water and played with it a few times, personally I didn't like it too much.

    I've now got the Focus and a 21W HID. The focus has a slightly wider spot than a HID but the spot itself is brighter - in summary it's nicer. In wide wide setting the focus also gives out a much light than a HID - brighter and more uniform.

    But, it does cost a lot more than a 4TEC....

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    I was choosing between the two and went with the Flare. Very happy with my purchase.

    I really have no need of the focusing feature on the Focus. My buddy has one and I don't find it useful for photography.


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