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Thread: Hong Kong?

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    Hong Kong?

    Me and the better half are going to Hong Kong for a week in October. We've committed the rookie error of booking our trip during the Chinese national holiday, which means the place is going to be even more crowded than usual... so - and as neither of us are shopping type people - we are trying to find things to do that your average mainland Chinese tourist is going to be less interested in to try and avoid - as much as feasible - the worst of the crowds. National parks, remote islands and the like.

    So, one obvious option is to get a day's diving in. It looks to me as though the area to try is around Sai Kung (<- which my Hokkien speaking wife thinks is a hilarious name... ). We won't take full gear, just masks and instruments, can anyone recommend a recreational dive operator that'll be able to cater for a couple of blow-ins with minimal-to-none Cantonese?

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    check out diving baby boat on Facebook. The lady (Lain) who is in charge of this dive ops was educated in UK.
    Also Mandarin divers on Facebook. I think Graham Blackmore knows them well.

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    Thanks hon - I'm talking to Mandarin Divers after being put on to them elsewhere.



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