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    As of last week, nowhere in the UK had them on the shelf. Back orders varied between 3 and 60, without a known delivery date.

    User experience seems to be somewhat "variable" as well. I'm leaning towards a
    Liquivision Xen instead.

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    Frankly, filling and servicing my own kit is almost as much fun as actually diving it...

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    Get a petrel. Worth the extra cash!
    ah herro

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    xDeep Black Bottom Timer – New product review

    Hi all.

    I have to revisit this topic because I have now “experiences” with my Bottom Timer. I just have to get this out of my system and I hope that this is helpful to somebody.

    I received my unit in March 2014 and it was made in late 2013. I have had issues with the unit at the beginning of the dive as it did not start up. Apparently the water I dived in was too pure and the contacts did not connected properly and the unit did not start. Please don’t ask me, this is what CENZ Support told me! They also promised to do something to the issue, but I have not heard them since and that was 1.5 last year. Then after 2.5 years active use the display in my unit went little bit darker and also more reddish and it was becoming more difficult to read it in daylight. In cave and in dark it was fine but in open water it was almost impossible. And no, it is not my eyes as my buddy’s BT was fine J So I contacted CENZ Support once again. When they finally answered they suspected that display was faulty and it has to be replaced. They asked me 90 euros for change plus shipping from Poland to Finland. After that we discussed the life span on my unit, warranty issues with 2.5 old unit amongst other things. Finally they offered the display change for 60 euros and postage. I agreed with this and sent my unit to Poland and they promised to take care of my unit as soon as possible. As I was able to track my shipment I noticed that they received it 25.10.2016. Couple of days ago I finally got the answer from them. They had “deeply” inspected my unit and offered repair for the price of 75 euros plus 30 euros postage. They fail to mention what was wrong with my unit until I asked them and I asked. Well yes, it was the display. And that took a month to figure out… Wait a minute! They offered to change the display for 60 euros and now it is 75 euros? What has happened? Inflation? Did we not agree about the price? Is this the way they are doing business? First they promise one price and when they finally receive the unit the price goes up. I understand that if the unit has other issues than the display, then the price goes up, but they did not mention anything else than display to be wrong. This is not the way to do business, raise the price when customers unit is there and he has no other choice than get his unit fixed.

    At the moment I’m still discussing the price with CENZ Support and I do not know the outcome. To be honest it is quite difficult to discuss with them when their replies are – how to say it nicely – quite short, maximum of 6-8 words. Everything you must ask, they just do not give you enough information in order to make your decision. I have found them to be little bit arrogant and very difficult to approach! Hopefully they are better with fixing things than communicating. It could also be language issue, but in that case they could still try to be nicer. That is called customer service and good customer experience.

    Better luck with you XDeep Bottom Timer and Computers! And if you consider buying one, please don't...


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    personally i'm glad that my x-deep bt order was cancelled 2+ years ago and after some thinking i got DiveSoft instead. Works fine, survives regular dives in UK mines

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    I had one battery failure and two depth sensor failures, all three of which were replaced for free. But given the reliability I personally got, I sold it.


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